Bad Bad Boy

Looking for love in all the wrong places.

Floater Studios (Leduc, Alberta)

4X THEATRE FESTIVAL WINNER Steven Andrews tells a hilarious and vulnerable true story about looking for romance in all the wrong places. Featuring Sith lords, hair, chain-smoking gurus, 80’s pop music and intimidating huntresses, this one-man show will have you on the edge of your seat with laughter, dread and fascination.

Comedy, Storytelling

60 mins


F.S. Thomas & Sons

Where the Cat's Meow Meets Headgear Hoopla!

Improvisation Corporation (Rothesay, NB)

F.S. Thomas Hats, Caps and Furs existed at 539-541 Main Street, Saint John, where it served the Saint John public at the turn of the 20th century. Join us for a lightly historical, highly hysterical musical look at the day-to-day antics of proprietor F. Sutcliffe Thomas, his 4 sons Frank, Mort, Shent and Dick, as well as their eccentric grandfather Lavender.

Comedy, Storytelling

50 mins


Inflated Egos

Classic magic and insane balloon art combine!

Zap Magic (Saint John, NB)

A fun adventure into the world of Magic and Balloon Art that will keep the whole family in stitches. Crazy and fun with lots of audience participation.

Magic, Balloon Artistry

45 mins


My Fathers Dragon

An action adventure for all ages.

Penny Candy Theatre Company (Saint John, NB)

Penny Candy Theatre Co brings to life a storybook adventure that has delighted children for over 7 decades, and this newest adaptation is sure to engage children and former children alike. Nine year old Elmer Elevator has a week left of summer vacation. What better way to spend it than by rescuing a baby dragon? He sneaks aboard a cargo ship and travels the high seas, muddy swamps, and desert islands, all the while avoiding the ferocious animals who are holding the dragon captive. Penny Candy combines live music, physical comedy, storytelling, and youthful energy to bring live theatre experiences to the stage

Theatre for Young Audiences, Storytelling

35 mins


Psychedelics for Dummies

Come and take a trip with me.

Ginger Nation (Saint John, NB)

Do you have an interest in drugs? Do you appreciate locally written music? Do you find joy in listening to other people's painfully specific stories? If you have answered yes to either of these questions, this show is for you! Come experience an evening of psychedelic laughs, and perhaps you too may experience the mysteries of the universe.

Storytelling, Music

40-50 mins


Spontaneity Improv Presents: The Curse of the Storytellers

Step into the haunting world of "The Cursed Storytellers," an electrifying and spine-chilling improvised experience.

Spontaneity Improv Company (Halifax, NS)

In every generation, a misfit group of storytellers are ensnared by an ancient curse to create a terrifying tale by midnight each Friday the 13th. The performers embody a distinct character, connected by the eerie thread of their shared curse.


55 mins


The Light Bringer

SOLD! Off to the American Dream!

Light Bringer Productions (Tampa, FL)

Freedom, but at what cost? A Palestinian immigrant and her family find more freedom in the US than expected.

A true-life storytelling show written and performed by Laila Lee. In this one-woman show, Laila brings to light her experiences growing up Muslim in the American South, how she discovers her place in the world, and what sacrifices she must make.


60 mins


The Sh!t Show

We all poop, some are just more dramatic about it.

Mat Keenan Comedy (Saint John, NB)

3 comedians take you on a hilarious journey through tales of their bowel issues.


60 mins


The Score

Forced into performing a bank heist, four criminals must outwit both The Boss and the law to escape 'The Score'.

"B" Team Productions (Saint John, NB)

A hilarious comedy as four seasoned criminals are compelled by the enigmatic figure, The Boss, to undertake a bank heist, find themselves cornered in a warehouse, surrounded by the police. Trust wavers, secrets surface, and as tensions arise they pin their slim hopes for escape on a zany plan.


50 mins